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Think Like a Billionaire, Become a Billionaire – Book Review


The subject of money, in some circles, is a subject that most pastors prefer not discussing with their parishioners. I think that this is a mistake. This subject ought to be discussed from time to time. Not to promote greed or worldliness, but to encourage stewardship in the life of the believer.

Christ spoke about money more than any other subject during his earthly ministry. More than Love, evil, sacrifice, Etc. So why is it that we equate rich with evil and poverty with piety? This book is one that offers some biblical views of how we are to think about money and how we are to use money. While promoting a balance view in ones approach towards money, the author is not requiring its readers to be worldly in order to achieve financial freedom and increase net worth. Quite the contrary, the author points out that we must put on the mind of Christ that we may have a godly approach towards money.

The aim of the author, I believe, is not that the reader desire to become a billionaire. However, I think the aim here is to change one’s thinking in money matters, persistence, faith, godly stewardship of one’s resources, work ethic, and time management with a God-ward view. And in doing these things, you will reap, in this process of this change, the reward of becoming a financially stable individual that glorifies God in their stewardship of money.

I also thought the workbook in the rear of the book offers some helpful tools on:

  • Personal Vision
  • Budgeting
  • Personal accountability
  • Mind changing biblical references
  • Discipline
  • Tips on how to achieve Good Credit
  • The rewards & building a road map to savings
  • Time management
  • And more

My conclusion is that this book is a good read for the lay person, including, both single and married persons, teens, church leaders, non-profit administrators, executives, and corporate leaders.

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Source by Bobby E. Miller

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