Top 5 Food Business Ideas In Pakistan for Beginners

The world is full of people looking for new ways to earn money. Some turn to traditional jobs, while others look for creative solutions. Food businesses are among the most popular options. Pakistanis are among the people who love food. This post is for people who wish to start a food business. The purpose of the post is to help people find accurate products and start their work. I will also attempt to provide a feasibility study for each business. If you are not interested in the food business, you can check out other posts for business ideas and side hustles. I have written about online skills to help you on your online journey. Anyway, let’s start with food business ideas.

#1. Pizza Store

Food Business in Pakistan
Pizza Service

If you love pizza, then starting a pizza delivery service might be the perfect idea for you. You will need to learn how to cook pizzas, deliver them, and make sure customers are satisfied with the quality of your product.
If you want to start a pizza delivery service, you should first consider where you will be selling your pizzas. For example, if you live in a city, you should choose a location near a busy area. If you live in a rural area, then you should choose somewhere close to a town. Another important factor to consider is whether you will deliver pizzas to homes or restaurants. If you plan to deliver pizzas to homes, then you should look for locations that have a lot of houses.

On the other hand, if you plan to deliver pizzas to restaurants, then you should look into places that have a lot of customers. if it is near a college, university, or offices. It will be a plus for you, but it will also cost more. Below is some equipment you need to purchase for pizza shop

  1. Pizza Oven
  2. Kneading Unit/dough mixer
  3. Gas Plumbing for Oven / Electiricity wiring for Oven (Depending upon Oven)
  4. Pizza Making Table
  5. Exhaust System
  6. Refigrator
  7. Sitting arrangement


#1. Oven

Once you have chosen the location and finalize it Now you have to start thinking about equipment. Main equipment you need for pizza making is one good Oven. In start you can purchase counter top convection type oven to save money and space. once you have enough money you can purchase big commercial ovens according to your requirement.

Comparison Chart of Pizza Oven Efficiencies

Convection40 / chamber15 ft3-60 ft3$1,000-$10,000Convection heat15-20 minutes5-6 minutesLow
Conveyor80 / belt150 ft3-300 ft3$5,000-$30,000Convection or radiant heat10-15 minutes4-5 minutesLow-Medium
Deck50 / deck100 ft3-180 ft3$5,000-$30,000Conduction and radiant heat60 minutes6-8 minutesMedium-High
Brick80 / deck150 ft3-400 ft3 or moreLargely varies by contractor, size, materials, and aesthetic designConvection, reflection, and conduction heat45-60 minutes2-5 minutesHigh

If you want to buy an oven, you can do so for a reasonable price on the market. or you can purchase at Amazon

#2. Dough Mixer

A great pizza cannot exist without great dough. And, of course, your pizza dough begins with a high-quality mixer (along with high-quality ingredients!). Consider the volume of your production when looking for the best mixer for your needs. Consider whether you’ll need a 10 quart, a 20 quart, or more. These considerations are critical when purchasing for a mixer. Keep absorption ratios in mind when determining these details. These ratios help you determine what size mixer is best for your pizza dough and other items on the menu.

Water weight / flour weight = absorption ratio

A higher absorption ratio indicates a stickier, wetter dough, whereas a lower absorption ratio indicates a tougher dough that may require more power to mix. Many commercial mixer brands will demonstrate their capabilities by including both size and absorption ratio. Dough Mixer is not necessary for small setups. if you are setting up a big setup then it is required

#3. Industrial Refigrators

Along with refrigeration for toppings in your prep table, you’ll need a larger refrigeration unit for the rest of your inventory. A walk-in may be a good option for you depending on your space and order volume. A walk-in refrigerator has plenty of storage space for all of your ingredients and prep materials.

Other equipment is based on your requirements, and you can manage your budget accordingly.

Budget Estimate

if you are looking for low budget, you can purchase major equipment around 500k PKR. You can purchase second hand at OLX or you can visit local market in Lahore or karachi. New Equipmet will cost you minimum 1Million Pkr to 1.5 Million PKR and you can purchase kitchen items from Ambasador or Pakeeza.

#2 Online Restaurant

Food Business idea in pakistan - Restaurant

A restaurant delivery service allows people to order food online and have it delivered right to their door. This is an easy way to start a food business because you do not need any special skills or equipment. All you need is a computer and internet access. The concept of a restaurant delivery service has been around since the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2013 that the first company started delivering food from restaurants. Now there are many different companies offering this service, such as FoodPanda, Cheetay, Eat Mubarak, and Careem Now. Customers can use these services to place online orders and then choose which restaurant they want the food delivered from. Once the customer places the order, the restaurant sends the food to the customer’s house via a courier service.

Below are some ways you can earn money from these companies

  1. Become a rider or delivery person for these companies
  2. Register as home chef and start earning
  3. Make a restaurant and register in these companies for extended sale

Rider is not the scope for this Post. we will discuss about other two options

Home chef

You can cook meal in home and register yourself with these companies to earn money. here is the method for you from food panda

Food business ideas in Pakistan-home chef
Food Panda Home chef
Cheety home chef
Cheetay contact
FoodPanda registration

Similarly you can easily become the home chef on other apps also. if you want more information please do comment. However if you want proper restaurant you may need most of the items below

  1. Cooking Equipment
    • Oven
    • Range
    • Deep fryer
    • Grills
    • Griddles
  2. Refigrator
  3. Shelving Equiment
  4. Food Prep Equipment
    • Food Processors
    • Prep Tables
    • Mixers
    • Grinders and Blenders
  5. Small wares
    • Chef Knives
    • Cutting Boards
    • Mixing Bowls
    • Pans
    • Pots
    • Whisks

Budget Estimate

For regstration as home chef, you don’t need any specific equipment, you can use your home appliances. and for restuarant setup by used items; it will cost you around 2.2 Million to 2.5 Million and new equpment will cost you 4 Million Rupees

#3. Bakery

Food Business Idea - Bakery

If you love baking, then starting a bakery delivery service might be perfect for you. You will need to find a location where there is enough foot traffic to make deliveries worthwhile. You should also consider how much money you would need to invest in the business before deciding whether or not it is worth it.
The first step in starting a bakery delivery service is finding a location where people are willing to pay for baked goods. A lot of bakeries already exist, so you won’t have to start from scratch. However, if you want to open a new bakery, you will need to find a place that has a steady flow of customers who are willing to buy baked goods.


  1. Oven
  2. Food Processor
  3. Bakery Rack
  4. Stand Mixer
  5. Mixing Bowls
  6. Baking Pans
  7. Plastic storage bins
  8. Pastry Bags
  9. Work Tables
  10. Display case
  11. Packaging

#4. Coffee Shop

Food busines idea - coffee

A coffee shop delivery service is an excellent idea for people who enjoy making baked goods. It is easy to start up and requires little investment. However, you will need to work hard to build up a customer base. If you want to open a coffee shop, there are many things you should consider before starting up. You must first decide whether you want to be a wholesale or retail store. Wholesale stores sell products at lower prices than retail stores. Retail stores sell products directly to customers. Wholesale stores usually offer better margins because they buy large quantities of products at low prices. The other option is to be a retail store. Retail stores sell products to consumers. Retail stores usually offer higher margins because they purchase smaller amounts of products at higher prices.

There are several ways to get started in the coffee industry. One way is to become a barista. Baristas work behind the counter and prepare beverages such as espresso drinks, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas. Another way is to become a roaster. Roasters roast coffee beans and then grind them into powder form. A third way is to become a distributor. Distributors deliver roasted coffee beans to retailers. A fourth way is to become a retailer. Retailers sell coffee beans and ground coffee to consumers. There is a whole article i write abut coffee. Check it out for more inforamtion about coffee types

#5. Frozen Food Delivery

Food Business idea - Frozen Foods

Frozen food is a very unique idea that you can work upon. You can prepare food at home, freeze it and sell it through foodpanda and other companies. you can also make your website and sell it. you can use facebook to publicise your food.


  1. Good Freezer
  2. Cooking Equipment
  3. Packaging
  4. Marketing

This is all you need. you can use Bykea or uber to deliver the food at home.

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