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5 Transcription Jobs for Writers

Transcription freelance jobs are another way to make money from home. Transcription is to write the audio file. There are many websites that offer transcription jobs, and they pay handsomely for them. Like all other jobs, there is a trick of the trade involved. You will not start earning money immediately. Transcription freelancers transcribe audio files for companies that need transcripts of recorded conversations. They’re usually hired by an agency that sends them audio files to transcribe.

What is transcribing?

You can register on many platforms to work as a transcriber. This work offers hourly income, and as your skills advance, your pay will increase. Basically, it involves listening to audio snippets and noting what is said. The only abilities needed for this position are typing and listening, along with a solid command of both standard and regional English. The ability to speak several languages fluently can be a huge benefit in this situation. Most platforms require you to sign contracts stating that none of the conversations you hear can be shared to anybody after you are approved as a transcriber. Customer privacy must be respected at all times.

Skills and Equipment Needed

Anyone with access to a computer can begin transcription. Even though they are not strictly necessary for beginers, these websites provide other equipment in addition to computers that they believe will produce a better result.

  1. Good Quality Headphones
  2. Fast internet connection
  3. Abilities to listen
  4. A strong typing skills
  5. Able to reserach audio clip content

Below are some websites and my review on it

1. QA World

QA world is a portal or app for transcription freelance jobs. On this platform, transcriptionists get the jobs. This is one of the best sites for transcribing jobs, and joining this portal is very simple. Anyone with strong English language abilities and regular access to a computer can join. They pay weekly via PayPal at a rate of $0.20 per audio minute. plus an additional bonus for finishing the 100 audio minutes in last seven days.

You can register at their site here. A video on YouTube is also available.

An audio sample lasting 60 seconds is played as a test. Following a successful test, the results are immediately released, providing the position of analyst. The recommendations are provided subsequently to assist in producing a high-quality transcription.

2. Rev is another website for freelance transcription jobs. For those who have never transcribed before, Rev is a great platform. It boasts more than 60,000 independent transcribers working across the globe for various customers, including Amazon, Facebook, and Google. They depict the potential for an average monthly income of $245 and a maximum monthly income of $1495.

Starting at $0.30 to $1.10 every audio minute, Rev charges its customers. Weekly PayPal payments are made for the services.

3. TrqanscribeMe

TransceibeMe is another freelance job website. TranscribeMe, a work-from-home website, claims to pay more than anyone else. No prior experience is necessary to work as a transcriptionist here; instead, you only need to be able to follow their instructions and type exactly what you hear.

The average Payment for an audio hour is $15–$22, with the maximum monthly income of $2,200. According to reports, the typical monthly salary is $250. PayPal allows for payments at any time.

TranscribeMe Jobs

4. GoTranscript

GoTranscript accepts applications from people in every country, and no prior experience is necessary. However, a real-time photo along with an SMS code must be sent as identification. The amount of work the transcriber does is entirely up to them. They offer PayPal payments of up to $0.6 per audio minute, with an average monthly profit of $150. You can join GoTranscript at their signup page.

You can read their detailed guidelines to see how to style the transcription and the grammar rules they accept after signing up. A previous test sample is available to use as practice. You may have to wait up to 60 days for a response after submitting the three-minute audio transcription exam.


5. Upwork

It would be unfair to omit Upwork because it is the world’s largest marketplace for freelancers. There aren’t any clear-cut guidelines or standards for finding clients on Upwork for transcription assignments. The prices are not pre-fixed. The client, the work, and the freelancer’s experience can all change it.

Simply sign up for an Upwork account and begin applying for transcription jobs. There are no exams to take, and you can deal directly with the client. It is a fantastic venue for newcomers to try their hand at this career and develop lasting connections in the field.

My Point of View

My point of view about transcription; it is good way to use your free time. We spend most of our time on YouTube, Mobile, and Facebook watching meaningless videos. Why not use this time to make money. Transcribing is one way to make money with your spare time. i have written about many other ways to earn money. See my post: How to Make Money Online. Free to get more money-making ideas. Please feel free to comment and give me suggestions to make my blog more beneficial for people. thanks. Happy Transcribing

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