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Want To Be Like Dangote?


Born in 1957 in Kano, Dangote was educated at Al Azhar University in Cairo. Legend has it that he started working as a small time businessman and merchant and seized every opportunity that came his way. In a very short ime he has established himself as a comsumate entrepreneur, amassing enough wealth to become the largest producer of sugar in Africa, owning the third largest sugar company in the world and the continent largest cement production company in Africa. He grew from his small trading company he has grown to become the Chairman of the largest single conglomerate in Africa. This is the man, Aliko Dangote. As at today, it is only the American Talk Show gaint, Oprah Winfrey, that is the black person richer than him.

His entrance in Africa easily makes him a merchant of repute who can not be taken for granted. his investment goes beyond Nigeria- his own country, but to the entire Africa. Aliko dangote is a shrewd businessman and a consummate entrepreneur. He has conquered many business sectors, bought over many ailing industries and has revived many dying corporation and kept food on many family’s tables. His businesses continues to grow and none shows the slightest sign indication that it is under pressure.

The Dangote group dominated the sugar market in Nigeria, as he is the major sugar supplier to the major food and soft drinks production company in Nigeria. He also took the entire country’s capital Market by storm, when Dangote sugar was on public offer. Today, the company is the most capitalised share in the Nigerian Stock Market. The Nigerian Stock Exchange says the company is valued at $3 billion, with Dangote equity put at $2 billion.

Every man on the surface of the earth is destined for greatness. Why don’t you start today and watch as you grow, dangote also started from a humble beginning. I know you are great.


Source by Uanseoje Enahoro

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