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Why Receiving Is Actually a Gift


Did you know that receiving help and other gifts of the heart from others is actually a service?

I am blessed with the most wonderful sister in the world. She has always been there for me, through thick and thin. She’s always looked out for me from the time we were small. I have such deep appreciation and love for her. Over the years, I wondered how to give back to her. I felt guilty and uncomfortable about all she did for me.

As I’ve grown in understanding, I’ve realized that she enjoyed the giving and I had to learn to graciously accept it. And, as we’ve gone along in life I’ve had opportunities to give back to her in other ways. And-she has had to learn how to graciously accept my gifts of the heart to her! We’re both still works in progress and getting better all the time.

Most people have a problem with receiving the gifts that are offered to them, whether gifts of time, help, money or things. They feel they need to be able to be strong enough to do for themselves, no matter what. Perhaps they’ve been taught that it isn’t polite to accept help from others. A major reason we block accepting help is because we feel that we don’t deserve to ask for help or receive it when offered. So many of us simply don’t feel worthy.

Here’s what goes on energetically with giving and receiving.

When we give to someone we are flowing the energy of love. That energy needs to be received. If it isn’t, the flow of energy is blocked. It has nowhere to go. Then the energy is stuck.

Think about this for a moment. Imagine you had a friend who was very independent then suddenly got sick. You offered to help by cooking for them or running errands, or driving them to the doctor. But they rejected your offer, telling you they simply couldn’t allow you to put yourself out like that. How would that feel? It feels like rejection and frustration. You feel drained of energy. And, in fact, you are.

Now imagine they say, “Oh thank you! That would be so kind and helpful!” How does that feel? Pretty good, right? You actually feel more energy flowing through you, like you’re the one receiving a gift. That’s because when we send out energy and it’s received, it comes back to us multiplied.

When you gratefully receive what someone offers, you allow energy to flow.

Why it’s important to allow ourselves to receive.

Since we are constantly sending out vibrations to the universe, it’s important to be aware of what we are thinking and feeling. What messages are we telling the universe about what we want? What are we telling ourselves about what we deserve? The Universe always matches us where we are, vibrationally.

Giving and receiving gifts is uplifting to both people. It raises your vibration! When you say yes to someone offering a gift out of love, you are also saying yes to the universe. You’re affirming that you’re ready to receive the gifts the universe has in store for you! Blocking the gifts from others tells the universe you don’t want to receive. It blocks your flow of abundance and other good things.

How many times have you rejected or deflected a compliment? Compliments are gifts others want to give us! Practice saying, “Thank you so much!” with a smile when you’re complimented. You’ll notice both of you feel uplifted and happier!

We live in a self-confirming Universe.

What we focus on is what we see more of reflected back to us. So as we open to receive, the universe gives us more! We allow the universe to give us what we need in each moment and in the easiest possible way.

What this flow of energy shows us is that when you give, you also receive and when you receive you also give. It’s an energetic cycle that must be completed. The nature of energy is movement.

So practice receiving gratefully and practice giving joyfully. Then you are in sync with the flow of universal energy. When you’re in the higher flow, magic happens!


Source by Estra Roell

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