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Winning Salesmanship – The Glengarry Way by Larry Krakow


Closing Sales with Integrity, a Flair, and Assurance

Inspired by a scene from the film “Glengary Glen Ross” in which Alex Baldwin as manager leads a sales meeting, Larry Krakow offers sales tips to “close” more sales in “Winning Salesmanship – The Glengarry Way.”

Throughout the book eye catching illustrations draw attention to important keys to remember on successful salesmanship. The narrative that follows explains in detail the reasoning behind the concept being considered.

The element that makes this book unique and important to every salesman, beginner, intermediate, or advanced is Larry’s focus. Every chapter is a springboard to reveal specific techniques to help close sales more efficiently with more frequency. An important aspect Larry maintains throughout the book is carefully following the prescribed clear cut phrasing and methodology presented. Krakow’s broad experience and success in sales and marketing give his writing credibility.

Every page is packed with clear cut instructions, powerful selling tips, and essential closing techniques. I appreciate the emphasis Krakow puts on integrity, finesse, and confidence.

The appendix includes such valuable information as a “Winning Salesmanship Checklist.” There are also important “Winning Salesmanship Closes,” suggestions for “Handling Objections,” and “Preempting Buyer’s Remorse.”

The compact size of the book as well as the format make it ideal for keeping handy on your desk, in your briefcase, or on your bedside table for a quick review, to reread a chapter, or choose a technique or dialog to use in your next “Close.” “Winning Salesmanship – The Glengarry Way” is forceful, straight forward, and innovative. Larry Krakow challenges the reader, “Get them to sign on the line that is dotted.” ABC “Always Be Closing.”

Robert D. Reed Publishers, 978-1934759271

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review


Source by Richard R Blake

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