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Writing Articles to Make Money on the Internet


People who make a living from writing come in all shapes and sizes. Newspaper columnists, magazine writers, television scripts, you name it, their all out there but have you ever thought of writing articles to make money on the internet? Many successful internet marketers do just that to drive traffic to their sites to promote their products.

If you haven’t ever written an article before, that’s o.k. Because it is not as hard as it seems. If you can write an email to a friend or a relative, you can write an article. Use personality when writing and allow people to think you are a real person and not a robot. Ask a few questions and provide answers to those questions and try to back them up with facts. People love to read about facts.

Now there are several other ways that writing articles to make money on the internet can benefit you and your pocketbook. You could become a ghost writer for someone who needs a lot of articles written. This can be a very good way to pick up some fresh dough if you have good writing ability. Some internet marketers that need 10 fresh articles a day are sometimes willing to pay anywhere from $5 – $25 per article, depending on the topic and the amount of research you will need to do.

Another way to make money writing is to write for advertising companies. This will require some good writing skills, a lot of research and a proven track record prior to getting on board with any company so don’t get your hopes too high unless you have what it takes.

If you are going to do product promotion writing or “article marketing” to drive traffic you need to write at least a minimum of two articles per day, this will give you 700+ articles by the end of a year. I know this sounds like a lot but after you write for a while, you will be able to shove an article out in about 10 – 20 minutes easy.

Should you decide that writing articles to make money on the internet is for you, basic grammar and spelling must be exercised, a good title and body with good keywords is a must so the search engines can find you. Usually a good rule of thumb to follow is 3-5%. Don’t get too lengthy in your article because you will bore the reader and they’ll lose interest before you have had a chance to let them get to your resource box to find your website. 350-700 words is plenty, if you go on more than that to get your point across, I might suggest that you get into writing e-books or guides to sell.

Once you have your first article written, write another and another etc. On the same topic but be sure not to duplicate content or titles. Article directories frown on duplicate content. Writing articles to make money on the internet is fun, it’s easy and it’s free! Start writing today and start making money.


Source by Jon R Davidson

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