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YumMe MumMe Makeover by Peggy Porter


Let me start this review by saying the author is so right in her objectives for this book. Peggy Porter has written a how-to that helps women learn to balance their lives. Why is she qualified? Porter is a Life Coach who works primarily with mothers who do too much and need to learn how to not only balance their work/family time, but also make sure they are nurturing themselves as well. She is also a nurse who works primarily in a drug rehab center.

Now, yes, we could all say there are several books that have been published on the same subject, but this one has some nice differences.

What I liked about Porter’s writing is that each chapter gets to its point with suggestions, why they are needed, examples of how real life women (her coaching clients) put it into play and then at the end, she has put a worksheet in for us to establish the goals.

Her main focus is to make all of us realize that to be successful wives, mothers and business women, we must first set aside time for ourselves to nurture us to being successful women first.

How does she get her point across? Porter asks us directly-do we put unrealistic demands on ourselves to the point where we aren’t enjoying the wonders of motherhood? Have we become so entwined in all our other roles that we as women simply do not exist? Do we make ourselves feel guilty when we do anything, at all, for our own well-being?

If we answered yes to any of her questions, she has made her point as to why you need to read her book, look over her website and work on her exercise sheets.

YumMe MumMe Makeover is just a pinch under 100 pages of reading, but it packs a lot of solid information for those of us who came from the “Superwoman” era. It’s good for not just women who have young children to care for, but for those who have teenagers and even women such as myself, whose children are adults and have made me a grandmother, who have come to realize they are doing so much that they have nothing left and that things need to change!


Source by Carine Nadel

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