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Retiring to Mexico – Why Would the Baby Boomers Retire to Mexico?


Why is retiring to Mexico so appealing to more and more baby boomers?

In a word, it is much cheaper to live in Mexico than to retire in the US. $1500 to $2000 a month and you can live quite well in Mexico…that includes domestic help…ladies you may have washed your last window.

In a recent Del Webb survey of baby boomers,…73% of baby boomer said they were going to have to work in retirement. It comes down to a choice of working longer in the US or retiring to Mexico on less money…what would you do?

To make retiring to Mexico more attractive you have to dispel a few myths. The crime rate in Mexico is one third of the crime rate in the US. The media would have you believe that all of Mexico is like the border…where there is drug related violence…that is not true.

The health care in Mexico is not exactly like the US…it is just as good… but much cheaper. If you must have insurance, many pay as they go with Dr visits about $30, it is $247 a year…not a month, a year.

Why so much cheaper?…no lawsuits that drive up the price for everyone. Need a dental crown? $200 in Mexico vs. $1000 in the US. We have had all our dental work done in Mexico for the last 8 years with no problems…and money in our pocket.

The Mexican people are warm and friendly and family oriented. You may feel like you have gone back 40 years in time when living in Mexico. The pace is slower and more relaxed…sounds healthier to me…how about you?

A million Americans have already retired to Mexico…with 76 million baby boomers reaching 65 in the next 18 years…that number is sure to rise.

Retiring to Mexico or continue to work in the US, baby boomers you have more options than you thought.


Source by Gary Pierce

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