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The Science of Getting Rich and Bob Proctor


The SGR program was created by Bob Proctor in collaboration with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield. The program that was launched in March 2007 aims to help people realize their dreams and get unfathomable success by applying the Law of Attraction in their daily lives. You can’t really expect things to happen to you unless you actually imagine them happening. So, if you want to be rich and successful then you need to spend every moment of your life constructively imagining that you are moving towards your goal with each passing minute and things are actually happening your way.

The SRR program will give you a definite perspective on your life and touch every area of your life – mental, physical, and emotional! The program will help you understand how certain people manage to become rich despite being ignorant while many people who are diligent and hardworking remain behind in the race for money. The program tells you how you can make money in life by simply focusing on the Law of Attraction. In his opinion, there is a science of becoming rich and he discusses it through books, DVDs, ebooks, podcasts, CDs, and the like.

He believes that you cannot rest on creativity and hard work alone, as the power of thought can also lead to incredible results. With your will power, you can achieve practically anything in life. Positive thinking and actions are therefore a must to attain everlasting success in life. His philosophy of getting rich has helped many businesses create effective strategies and easily adjust to changing situations. His teachings have inspired people from all walks of life who have been able to take action to move their life in the right direction. His objective behind initiating this program is not only to help people gain financial freedom but also help them find success in all spheres of life.


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