Karachi Flooded by Moonsoon

Karachi’s most recent news as of July 12, 2022 In Karachi, the financial center of Pakistan, torrential rains on Monday caused extensive flooding and destruction, even flooding the business district. The majority of underpasses were inundated, and Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh province, claimed that there was nowhere to pump the floodwaters out to. In just three hours, 126 millimetres (4.96 inches) of rain, he claimed, had fallen. In the most recent round of Moonsoon, one death has been verified, bringing the total to 29 since they started last month.
Wealthy neighborhoods like Clifton and the Defense Housing Authority complex had flooded streets, with water pouring into the homes.
The central bank of Pakistan and other financial institutions are located on Karachi’s main streets, which overflowed as rescuers used boats to reach stranded citizens. The Pakistan Navy was also helping with rescue and relief efforts. On Twitter, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed his “deep sadness” over the horrific deaths brought on by Karachi’s torrential downpours. He gave the Karachi government all the assistance he could.

Due to flash floods, portions of the route connecting Quetta to Karachi were closed to traffic. About a dozen villages in the Lasbela area of southwest Balochistan province drowned as a result of the Winder River overflowing and flooding into homes. According to government spokesman Farhan Suleman Ranjho, the Navy and local authorities have so far rescued 500 residents and members of the local government from the affected areas.In separate areas of the Balochistan province last week, eight dams collapsed owing to floodwaters, resulting in 64 deaths.

The weather office has predicted that it will rain more in the upcoming days. for more general topics. i hope you will like this post and my other posts like Women Sports, Music and Drone

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